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8.G.6-8 Day 3

Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the distance between two points.

Focus Question – How do you find the distance between two points?

  • Have students draw two points on a coordinate plane (1,1) and (7,5). Ask them how will we find the distance between them? Wy can we not just count boxes? How can we use pythagorean theorem to help us?
  • Have students try to set it up. Then work it out with them.
  • Try again. (1,3) (-2,4)
  • How can we do this without having to draw the coordinate plane?
  • Go over finding the legs of the triangle like they would slope and then calculating the hypotenuse.
  • Try again. (1,5) (3,1)

HW: p.435 #1-6

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