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8.G.6-8 Day 1

Focus Question – What special relationship do the sides of a right triangle have?

  • Go over the parts of a right triangle – legs and hypotenuse. Discuss how a long time ago it was discovered that it was very difficult to find out how long the diagonal was for a triangle, so people discovered a method of calculating it.
  • Have students draw two right triangles. The first triangle should have legs of 1 and 1, followed by a 2 and 2, a 3 and 4, and finally a 4 and 6.
  • After drawing each triangle the students should make a prediction of how long the diagonal or hypotenuse side is.
  • After this, draw squares, have them count how many square units are inside of the square and see how close they get to counting the right amount of squares and in turn their prediction.
  • How can students get there without drawing boxes every time?
  • Give several for homework with the hypotenuse missing and have students find out how long the hypotenuse is.

So, what do you think ?