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8.G.5 Day 1&2

Focus Question: What is a transversal and what information does it give you about angles?

  • “What does parallel mean?” Draw two parallel lines on the board.
  • “If I draw a line that intersects both of these parallel lines I have drawn a transversal.”
  • Number the angles from 1-8.
  • Have students discuss anything they notice about the angles.
  • Students share back observations, write some down.
  • Establish that some angles have to be the same size. Which ones look the same?
  • Have students give a pair and then write down the vocabulary name for them.
  • After that, give one angle a measure and have students try to figure out all the others.
  • Have students give the steps to justify what angle is using a different angle that does not have the same measure. Emphasize the use of supplementary.
  • Students then practice from workbook p. 374-8

So, what do you think ?