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8.F.5 Day 1

Day 5 – Describing Functions Qualitatively

Bellwork – 1 problem of negative exponents review, 1 problem of exponent properties review

Focus Question – How do you describe a function qualitatively from a graph? How do sketch a graph from qualitative information?

  • Examine the difference between Qualitative and Quantitative Data/Information
    • Students will begin by having students examine root words to try and decipher what the meaning of each word would be.
    • Compare them. What is similar and different about them.
    • Use Moneyball example. Tie into the Browns.
      • Watch a clip, and discuss the controversy of using observations and feelings vs. using a statistical analysis.
  • Pass out “Graphing Your Story” Papers and explain that we have been looking at graphs exclusively in a Qualitative sense, now we are going to try to look at them in a Quantitative sense.
    • When thinking about quantitative graphs, it helps to think about them as a story they are trying to tell.
    • Students look at the graphs and write the story it describes.
    • Students then create a story and draw the graph.
    • Students trade stories with someone else and see if their graphs match after a partner tries to draw it.


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