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8.F.2 Day 1&2

Focus Question – How do you compare functions?

Students worked through p. 314-318 in book with sub. This content is mostly review over concepts they have learned previously – slope, y-intercept, tables, graphs, and equations.

  • Work through examples in the Engage NY packet:
    • https://www.engageny.org/resource/grade-8-mathematics-module-5-topic-lesson-7
    • Order: 1,3,4
      • Emphasize to students they need to compare rates of change (slope) and y-intercepts. They need to practice finding these in tables, graphs, and equations. If they can make a comparison without finding slope, allow it, but have them practice it in addition.
    • Student Homework #1-3
    • Exit Slip in Teacher Packet if time allows.

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