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8.F.1 Day 1

Day 1 – What makes a function, a function.

Focus Question – What is a function?

Bellwork – None due to quiz

This day is supposed to just be review as we went over this standard earlier in the year.

  • Go over previous day’s word problem homework.
  • Students take quiz on 8.EE.8b
  • Have students write down the definition of a Function in notes:
    • a rule that assigns exactly one output for every input
  • Students will have to make an equation, table and graph that ARE functions and that ARE NOT functions
    • They can work on this in groups and should check them
    • I will circulate around the room to provide feedback and intervention on the topic where necessary.

Exit Slip – Draw a graph and a table and ask students if they are a function or not.

HW – None

So, what do you think ?