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8.EE.8b Day 3

Day 3 – Review Quiz and Practice

First day after Winter Break. Quiz came back with Per. 3 averaging a 66% and Per. 6/7 averaging a 74% (Students did remarkably better on graphing systems, 8.EE.8a with 81% and 86.5% respectively). We will spend the next two days reviewing and providing intervention and practice for students to retake the assessment one more time as a class.

Focus Question: How do you solve systems of equations using substitution (without graphing)?

Bellwork: 1 Neg Exp; 1 Solve Equations

  • Have students retry quiz in their groups.
    • Students will log into goformative.com and answer questions from there. They will then compare new answers to answers they already have to see if they think they got the question right or wrong. Work will be done on a piece of paper.
    • Emphasize SUBSTITUTION to help them get through difficult problems. Have them write it at the top of their paper.
  • I will circulate around the room to answer questions and provide intervention during this process where necessary.
  • After students finish they will further practice systems of equations word problems (Word Problem W.S. p.52) which is homework. If students finish early they are to check answers and correct where necessary.

So, what do you think ?