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8.EE.8 Day 5

Day 5 – No Solutions and Infinite Solutions

This day is meant to be the last day of finding the systems of linear equations graphically.

Bellwork: Graph an equation with a negative slope.

  1. Take questions on homework.
  2. Have students sketch a graph of what it looks like to have one solution (hint: they just did it for homework repeatedly)
  3. Could there be other outcomes besides one solution? Discuss.
  4. Can you sketch what No Solutions would look like.
  5. Can you sketch what Infinite Solutions would look like.
  6. Run through examples in book on these. Students will also be practicing manipulating equations and moving variables.
  7. See if students can figure out what do with the equations to make them graphable (turn them into slope-intercept).
  8. Ex 1: y-x=1;y=x-2+3
  9. Ex 2:y=2x+;y=2x-3
  10. Ex 3:y=2x+1;y-3=2x-2
  11. Ex 4:y=2/3x+3;3y=2x+15

HW: p. 239 #1-6

Day 5 Reflection

I underestimated the struggle with turning equations into y=mx+b. When I initially asked students to turn the equations into slope intercept form there were an equal amount of students who were able to figure out some of the steps and those that could not. This skill will have to continue to be practiced – must likely during Bellwork.

So, what do you think ?