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8.EE.8 Day 4

Day 4 – Practice Graphing Systems and Proving 1 Solution

Bellwork:  Write the equation for a negative slope graph (review).

1) Finish the Celsius vs. Fahrenheit activity by having students finish the following:

“Will the two equations ever give you the same answer?” “How do you know?”s
“When do they actually give you the same answer?” Use the graph to prove it. Use math to prove it.

2) Go around and check each group’s mathematical proof that (10,50) is the solution to this systems of equation – meaning that both equations will be the same at 10,50.

3) After groups have proven the math, have them get started on the practice sheet (Ch. 3: Lesson 7 Extra Practice: Solve Systems of Equations by Graphing.

3a) Students are expected to graph each system to find the solution or point of intersection and then prove that it works using substitution in each graph.

Intervention: Circulate around the room and assist students who are having difficulty with the practice.

HW: Finish #1-8 on worksheet

Day 4 Reflection

Once I made sure each group could substitute and prove the original CvsF equations students started the worksheet practice. This allowed me time to move around the room and provide intervention for students who had either forgotten how to graph y=mx+b equations or were struggling with doing so. After scaffolding and intervention had been provided I felt confident that every student was leaving with the ability to finish the paper.


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