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8.EE.8 Day 2

Day 2 – continued practice on visually seeing and determining points of intersection.

Bellwork – find the equation of a graph

Go over homework to review 8.EE.6 retake #3

Take 8.EE.6 retake #3


[finish lesson from yesterday]

  1. What if Julio runs at half speed. What will the race look like? (Assume no head start for Rich)
  2. What kind of head start will he need to make it close? To win?

[Day 2 Lesson Start]


  1. Accurate Method vs. Estimation Method
  2. “Can you write an equation for each?”
  3. Graph it using Desmos.com
  4. “Is the estimation method close enough that it is worth using?”
  5. “Mathematically, why do the two equations give you close answers?”
  6. “Will the two equations ever give you the same answer?” “How do you know?”s
  7. “When do they actually give you the same answer?” Use the graph to prove it. Use math to prove it.

Closure: HW: y=2x+2 and y=3x. At what ordered pair do these two lines intersect. Make a prediction and then graph to see if your prediction is correct or not.

So, what do you think ?