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8.EE.8 Day 1

Day 1 – Points on Intersection


Bellwork – Estimation 180, and a y=mx+b from 2 points

  • Watch video – stop at 17 seconds. Show 2 images. “Who is faster?”
    • Write equations for both people and graph them on desmos to prove who is faster.
    • Who will win the 40-yd race?
  • Continue video – stop at 24 seconds. What if we give Rich a 10 yd head start?
    • Write equations and graph them to show who would win this 40 yd race.
    • How close is the finish?
    • How could you prove with math that Julio actually won? By how many seconds?
    • How many seconds did it take for the lines to cross? What does this intersection mean in terms of the race?
    • Finish the video – stop at 31 seconds.
  • What if Julio runs at half speed. What will the race look like? (Assume no head start for Rich)
    • What kind of head start will he need to make it close? To win?

Closure: HW: y=2x+2 and y=3x. At what ordered pair do these two lines intersect. Make a prediction and then graph to see if your prediction is correct or not.

Day 1 – Reflection

We went through the majority of the lesson in class. Students finished at the third bullet point. “What if Julio runs at half speed.” The plan is to pick up there tomorrow. Observations: Many students found speed as sec/yd. When pressed to prove how math shows Julio is still faster than Rich, many students had problems seeing they needed to substitute 40 in for y and solve for x. Maybe make a bigger deal about defining x and y. Or start the question with “how many seconds faster was Julio than Rich?” Several strudents struggling with problem perservering today. Could be a factor of Monday, distractedness, or myself not setting up questions with enough clarity to tackle them efficently.

This is the work that many students struggled to come up with on their own:


I decided to make the homework review problems in preperation for a retake quiz tomorrow:





So, what do you think ?