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8.EE.6 Day 10

Day 10 – Continued Intervention w/ Slope, Graphing, Finding Equations

Estimation 180 for bellwork

Work on the following Khan Academy Lessons:





Practice for getting slope-intercept equations from two ordered pairs. (didn’t get to – we did notes on quiz question instead – maybe start class with this tomorrow)


Practice for students still struggling with slope triangles: (didn’t get to)


 Day 10 Reflection:

Bellwork went well. We went over quiz. Students wrote into notes the table question and we went over how to solve it. Students then worked with their partners to pick 2 other pairs from the table and go through the same steps to find the same same slope-intercept equation.

Students then worked on Khan Academy lessons while I circulated around the room. Majority of students finished the first lesson. The hope is to get both lessons done tomorrow, review finding the slope and intercept from two points and then take another post-test if time allows.

So, what do you think ?