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8.EE.6 Day 1

Day 1 – Deeper into Slope

[this lesson probably should have been done after the EE.5 quiz and that lesson moved to here]

Focus Q  – How do you find the slope between any two points?

The goal of this lesson is to end the period by having students recognize that any two points on a line will be able to provide slope.

  • Estimation bell work. Running a cable from projector to the back of the room. 
  • Put an example on the board of finding the slope of two points graphically – maybe have students create it.
  • Give students a pair of ordered pairs and ask them to find the slope without graphing the two points.
    • Emphasize using the change in y over change in x
  • Practice this several times.
  • Give students a list of points that are on the same line. Assign each group of students two different points from the list.
    • Students share back and discover that all points are actually on the same line.
    • make observations on similar triangles comparison between the pairs of points.
  • Prove the above problem works by giving them another line with multiple points they they have to find the slope through multiple sets of points.

HW: Slope problems from table and 2 ordered pairs. (P.185-6 #4-8,11)

Day 1 Reflection:

The flow was good and lesson went well.


So, what do you think ?