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8.EE.5 Day 5

Day 5 – Equations, Slope, Graphing

[students will need graph paper]

  • have students graph y=2x
    • have students graph y=-2x and write observations comparing the two in hopes of driving conversation towards what a negative slope looks like.
  • After students accomplish this they will be given a graph with a negative slope and asked to graph it.
  • Students will be asked to look at graphs and find the slope and equation (desmos can be used).
  • Students will to compare graphs with tables and equations to determine which have the greatest or least rate of change.

Day 5 – Reflection

Bellwork was finding the slope of a line. We reviewed how slope was change in y over change in x. Students graphed y=2x and then compared it with y=-2x and begin noticing the difference between positive and negative slope. They then graphed y=-3x to show they can graph neg slope. Students then compared a rich problem comparing someone making $5 per hour vs losing 4 per hour. They had to write equations, graph them, and compare the rates of change. Then they finished by trying to graph two equations with fractional slow (y=1/4x and y=-2/3x).

HW: graph 4 equations for slope

So, what do you think ?