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8.EE.5 Day 4

Day 4 – Finish slope intro

Go over staircase activity with students. Have students apply knowledge to several examples of finding slope from two points on a coordinate plane. Have students interpret y=mx and then go back to their slides, from Thursday. They should graph all of their partner’s equations using desmos.com and then compare them to their predictions on the slide. Finally they should write several sentences comparing the slopes of all partners.

Day 4 Reflection:

The staircase activity was summarized by me asking which ratios students made. I wrote three different examples down and then steered them towards the step height and length ratio. It felt slightly forced, but it was effective. We compared the highest and lowest and then I had students pick one that should be in-between and find that one. Students finished graphs in desmos and reflected on it well. We had time for 3 examples that students had to think through and try y=2x (I graphed two ordered pairs and then they had to find the equation and interpret the slope from the equation). We used this equation to move from y=kx to y=mx as students found out that k was the same thing as slope. Students then graphed y=3x on their own with slope. Then they did y=1/4x. Some students shared back that they graphed it in the form of (1/4)/1 as the slope while others just graphed 1/4. Homework was p.184 #1,2 p. 185,7 #1,2,3,16,17. HW is pulling slope from graphs (the reverse of what we did in class). Should start with negatives tomorrow to cement this understanding as students will blindly try it tonight.

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