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8.EE.5 Day 3

Day 3 – Slope Discovery

Students will spend the majority of the class working on the staircase slope discovery activity. Students will try to discover how to mathematically describe slope without the conventional terminology of “rise over run” and without being told what to measure. The point is try and mathematically describe why a certain staircase is steeper than another and prove it by measurement. Hopefully students will eventually arrive at comparing a ratio of step height to length.


Day 3 Reflection:

I don’t think this lesson went great. It could be because it was the first time I taught this lesson and so I wasn’t sure of the best questions to ask students as I circulated. I also think that asking students to arrive at a ratio comparison of vertical change to horizontal change is a reach. In the end students got close because of hints I gave, but only 1 student out of more than 50 arrived at the ratio of step height to step length.

So, what do you think ?