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8.EE.5 Day 2

Day 2 – Estimating Proportional Graphs

  • Students took a screenshot of their desmos.com graph and put into a google slide.
  • Students then took the equations of their 3 partners and made a line tool where their partner’s equations would be roughly compared to their own.
    • The hope here is that students begin to see how steepness is related between proportional relationships by their constant of proportionality which we will transition to calling slope in the next two days.
  • Students then work on linear (and proportional) table and graph identification in their book.

Day 2 Reflection:

This day went well. All students seemed to utilize Desmos.com well and I was able to quickly assess if they correctly got an equation for their graph as I walked around and checked computer screens. Both classes took a review of y=kx as they never saw the “k” before. I ran through an example of my own, they discovered my equation and then in turn were able to discover those – this was for the benefit of the students who could not find their own equation (about 80% in per 1 and 60% in per 6).

So, what do you think ?