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8.EE.6 Day 10

Day 10 – Continued Intervention w/ Slope, Graphing, Finding Equations

Estimation 180 for bellwork

Work on the following Khan Academy Lessons:





Practice for getting slope-intercept equations from two ordered pairs. (didn’t get to – we did notes on quiz question instead – maybe start class with this tomorrow)


Practice for students still struggling with slope triangles: (didn’t get to)


 Day 10 Reflection:

Bellwork went well. We went over quiz. Students wrote into notes the table question and we went over how to solve it. Students then worked with their partners to pick 2 other pairs from the table and go through the same steps to find the same same slope-intercept equation.

Students then worked on Khan Academy lessons while I circulated around the room. Majority of students finished the first lesson. The hope is to get both lessons done tomorrow, review finding the slope and intercept from two points and then take another post-test if time allows.

8.EE.6 Day 9

Intervention of key topics then retake quiz the following day.

image image

8.EE.6 Day 8

Day 8 – Review & Quiz

  • Go over review packet
  • Ask for Questions
  • Quiz

8.EE.6 Day 7

Day 6 – Tables to Equations & Review

  • Go over homework and tables.
    • Review the ability to substitute in for x and y in order to find b
  • Have students try another table or two.
  • Students work on review packet.

8.EE.6 Day 6

Day 6 – Summarize Crime Case Activity

Focus Q – How do you find the linear equation of a table without graphing?

  • Have students share back how they arrived at their conclusion
    • Challenge students who only found the unit rate way of graphing if they can find a second way.
    • Showcase graphing the proportional relationships and hep students to arrive at the idea of graphing the equations in the form of y=b-mx
      • Discuss why b-mx makes sense for this problem.
  • Students look at tables and try to determine the linear equation of the table.

8.EE.6 Day 5

Day 5 – Math Mystery Crime Case

Focus Q –  How can math be used to solve a crime?

Have students complete Math Mystery Crime Case activity.

Have students attempt the graphs and discover the proof by graphing anyway they see fit.

8.EE.6 Day 4

Day 4 – Graphing slope-intercept equations

Focus Q – How do you graph equations using slope-intercept form?

  • Bell Work – Finish part C from this task
  • Go over Homework
  • Have students graph the following:
    • y=4x-2
    • y=1/2x+3
    • y=-2x+1
    • y=-3x-4
    • y=-1/3x+1
  • Draw a horizontal line through 3. What is the slope of the line?
  • Draw a vertical line through 2. What is the slope of the line?

8.EE.6 Day 3

Day 3 – Focusing on the Y-Intercept

Focus Q – What does the “b” in the equation y=mx+b represent?

  • Begin by going over the equation comparison paragraph
  • Attempt to derive what the b is referencing. Give another example to showcase what b is referencing:
    • Ex: I need to rent a car. It costs $25 to reserve a car and then $50 per day. What equation describes this relationship?
    • also need examples of negative y-intercept
  • students should be able to identify where the y-intercept is on a table, equation and graph

8.EE.6 Day 2

Day 2 – Bringing y=mx to y=mx+b

*Finish the multiple points on a single line. Similar triangles?

Focus Q – What does a linear equation look like when it is not proportional?

This lesson is all about setting up the need for a y-intercept of “b” in the equation.

  • Where would the equation y=50x start from?
  • When would an equation not start from there? What would that look like?
  • Tech Weigh In Rich Task
    • Compare direct variation to y=mx+b back to back
    • Allow for plenty of time for students to attempt to find the macbook weight.
      • Emphasize that this is the starting weight.
      • It would helpful to find the weight of 1 iPad.


8.EE.6 Day 1

Day 1 – Deeper into Slope

[this lesson probably should have been done after the EE.5 quiz and that lesson moved to here]

Focus Q  – How do you find the slope between any two points?

The goal of this lesson is to end the period by having students recognize that any two points on a line will be able to provide slope.

  • Estimation bell work. Running a cable from projector to the back of the room. 
  • Put an example on the board of finding the slope of two points graphically – maybe have students create it.
  • Give students a pair of ordered pairs and ask them to find the slope without graphing the two points.
    • Emphasize using the change in y over change in x
  • Practice this several times.
  • Give students a list of points that are on the same line. Assign each group of students two different points from the list.
    • Students share back and discover that all points are actually on the same line.
    • make observations on similar triangles comparison between the pairs of points.
  • Prove the above problem works by giving them another line with multiple points they they have to find the slope through multiple sets of points.

HW: Slope problems from table and 2 ordered pairs. (P.185-6 #4-8,11)

Day 1 Reflection:

The flow was good and lesson went well.